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You don't have to give into an unaffordable care plan. With Health Quotes Texas, you can compare coverage plans in your area as well as take advantage of our plan breakdown to find the best one for you.

Health Insurance:The Basics

Health Insurance Basics

Understanding the cause.

Many individuals and families are putting off health care due to affordability. Finding affordable health insurance is an extremely daunting task, but it can be done. Before we look at solutions for affordable plans, we must understand what got us here in the first place. Here are a few major contributing factors to the rising costs:

  • Escalating health care costs straining federal and state budgets.
  • Many businesses self-fund medical insurance programs and premiums are used to pay claims.
  • Most of those claims well exceed collected premiums.
  • Most pharmacies will charge co-pay for generic drugs even if it's offered on their discount plan for less.

Creating a solution.

Whether you currently have health insurance or not, the inevitable truth is at some point it will become a necessity. Fortunately, Health Quotes Texas has numerous solutions for cutting the costs:

  • You can control healthcare costs by choosing wiser plans.
  • Consider fragmenting family plans. (i.e. spouse & children under separate plan).
  • Supplement higher deductible plans with medical gap plans.
  • Or consider starting a high deductible Health Savings Account plan (HSA).
  • And/or consider plans that offer tax savings.
  • Consider pharmacy discount generic drug plans instead of insurance co-pay. CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart/Sam's, and Kroger offer these plans.
Health Insurance Basics